Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 1st Run: The 8McDo McHappy Fun Run

8McDo Fun Run

I love fun runs. Nobody really cares if you can’t run well. You just have to get up and run. And so it was that I received my baptism of fire in running at 8McDo’s 1st McHappy Fun Run.

Organized by 8McDo as part of their World Children’s Day fundraising efforts, the race saw both adults and kids running together. There were 3K, 5K, and 10K races at the 8McDo Fun Run. I joined the 10K race and was satisfied at the fact that I was running a distance that is more prestigious than most people had that day :)

The race started with a short program. We were told that the race was part of a fundraising effort by 8McDo for their Bright Minds Read and Bahay Bulilit programs, how we’re helping lots of Filipino kids just by joining the 8McDo race.

It brought me nice feelings to hear all that. But I was there at the 8McDo race because I wanted to run, nothing more. I had no other recollection of the event, really, but the run (and the muscle pains afterwards). And, oh, I remember Charice Pempengco singing something. And Angel Locsin passing us by with a trail of dust. Man, she could run.

McHappy 8McDo Race
I finished my 10K run with a time of 1:20:56. I sucked, I know. I saw the Elite Team Bald Runner already cooling down when I crossed the finish line. I saw kids pass me by, really. But the 8McDo race was fun. I finally had 10K in me. And lots of burgers afterwards. Hehe

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